What's Cooking in August!

Well, you guessed, I am still struggling to cook daily and for months I was thinking about getting a new hobby - cooking Japanese food -, so why not challenge myself and make a list with things I will try to cook in August?

Baking: I saved on my Pinterest a few French Bread recipes and I think it's finally time to do it. Maybe summer is not the best time for baking (it's hot enough), but I will put this on my list just maybe I will feel like it...

Dessert: Something easy, of course. I might be making my usual Banana Muffins for team-building, but I might not have the time (the plane arrives at 10 pm, I sleep, I go to work, we go in team-building so probably there's no time for baking muffins). So if that doesn't happen, then something easy with coconut - I had some Coconut Cookies at a Cafe and they were delicious... or maybe Homemade Bounty. I just feel like coconut anything! Oh, and maybe Sundaes - I never made them and it's not like they are hard to make, you just need ice-cream.

Weekend Fun: Bruschetta because it's summer! Some fun Roasted Potatoes because of delicious new potatoes (I hope they'll be in season next month too).

Actual Food: Roasted Eggplant Tomato Soup, because I need to make more soups and eggplant should be in season as far as I know. Burgers, because it's some (I want to try and make some veggie burgers).

Other Things: Ever since I purchased my first chia seeds I wanted to make Chia Seeds Pudding so maybe... also I got tapioca balls recently, so Tapioca Pudding?

Japanese/Asian Hobby: Well, well, well, I want to go to the Asian store in town and get some kimchi (because the Korean restaurant I was getting it from closed :C) and cook anything with it: Fried Rice with Kimchi, Kimchi on Toast (ANYTHING). Also, make Sushi - I made sushi before, but that's no reason to not make it again. Pad Thai - because I did not try some at the Street Food Festival (was too full with yakitori and fried calamari), so why not make my own?

Well, 10 recipes seems like an okay number for an entire month, although I am travelling, so mum will cook and I will eat out a lot or have barbecues... but it's ok. It's not a you-really-must-cook-this kind of list, it's mainly for inspiration!

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