Sunday Catch-Up: Vacation Time

The weather in Cluj is extreme. I do not remember ever experimenting such high temperatures in this city. Alas. with summer also comes vacation time! Sure, I am not going to Japan for my vacation (at least not this year) and it's no longer a three months vacation because apparently adults only deserve 21 days of holiday but I am still super excited for having even one week of summer vacation!

This year we don't have anything big planned which made me realize I should plan my vacations in time - next year I will book our hotel in January for the summer vacation to the Black Sea, and maybe go to Greece or Italy or who knows. Well, I am kidding, but I will try to plan at least one week of vacation every summer and have it be spectacular!

Until then, this summer I am going on vacation without my boyfriend (busy with driving school and work), but my parents planned a great week in the mountains with some family friends. So I am going home for a few days, then go hiking in the Bucegi mountains and we are going to Babele again (on foot, of course) - we did them when I was in high school. We are not big hikers as in lots of experience so we mainly do easy hiking routes but it is still one of my favourite things to do, especially with my family.

So I am really looking forward to this trip with lots of hiking and barbecues and family time! And when I return to Cluj I'm going in team-building!! Isn't summer vacation super exciting?

// Andreea

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