On the Mind: The Zero Day Challenge

I am trying to save more money but it is hard to control my spending habits and I am not even sure what my money goes on at the end of the month so I will do the Zero Day Challenge. Basically, what I have to do is track all the days I spend 0 mullah. The rent, bills and food essentials do not count - eating out, takeout or buying sweets does not count as groceries.

So... this is it. Today is the first day. Probably I will spend more time building on this challenge and on what exactly counts as spending instead of saving, but so far I do not want to complicate it. I will just draw a calendar and then track it. This first week (until August) is more of a trial to see what to change and so on and then starting August the 1st I will try to get as many 0s as possible.

Hmmm, maybe it's not the best moment to start this seeing how I am going on vacation on August 2nd, but the more challenging the better, right?

// Andreea

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