Favourite Things: Summer Savers

1. Yves Rocher Exfoliating Shower Gel with Lemon Basil
I am a bit lover of exfoliating shower gels, but I stopped using them because those little bits inside are damaging for the environment so... and then Yves Rocher came up with their own version that is eco-friendly and the exfoliating grains are fruit seeds, hence biodegradable and not bad for the planet! Basil essential oil, lemon extract, fruit seeds and a bottle that contains 25% less plastic makes for a great and energizing shower.

Pepco is perhaps my favourite place on Earth. Sure, it is crowded and a mess, but the things are cheap and lovely and it makes my house so so pretty. This is my small table created entirely with Pepco products: a gorgeous wooden tray for my glass and water filter, a big clear vase for my immortal flowers, a vase for my mortal flower that Anda gave me and the cutest decor candle with "What a Wonderful World". And I also have two cute wooden boxes in my bathroom to sort my products - my bathroom was never this organized!

3. Hair Ties
The kind like the telephone cable thingy that humans used to roll on their finger while having pleasant conversation when mobile phones weren't a thing. When I first saw them I wasn't convinced, but then a Anna and Andreea gave me some and I could not wear any other hair tie since - I even went and purchased more.

4. Sunflowers
My parents came over for the weekend and before leaving my dad bought me some sunflowers - some of my favourite flowers in the world. They brighten my days and make me extremely happy. Plus, aren't they the perfect flowers for summer?

To be honest I probably should've made a better drawing, but it was done on a work day on a post-it and I am pretty content with it.

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