Booze, booze

Lars von Trier, 1980s | Ralph Crane, 1969 for LIFE

Recently I read an article on how millennials do not drink as much as previous generations. Then I found out that I am a millennial... or am I?

Apparently millennials are defined as the humans unlucky enough to be born between 1980s and 2000s and have lots of publications write so many things about them - why is the media obsessed with millennials? Or maybe we just have a need to generalize everything about generations - I mean, wasn't everyone in the 60s a hippie? Surely millennials act all the same way.

As for what makes one a millennial, that birth years interval might be true for Americans, but I was born in Romania and I am not sure the same qualifies here because Romania was a communist country up until 1989, and the development, culture and media are different.

Now I will shut up about my opinions on millennials and everything surrounding that concept, and talk about my opinions on drinking - and more exactly on my relationship with booze starting teenage-hood (since these millennials teens don't drink).

My drink of choice as a teen was beer (dark beer, now I am more into unfiltered Paulaner) because it is cheap, tasty and it does the job of making me comfortable around people - plus it's the best drink for drinking games (again, it's cheap). All was well until I turned 18 and discovered tequila and had my first blackout. Since then I started to get wasted more and it seemed like a lot of fun, but wasn't. I have social anxiety and drinking was making me less anxious and it was a great way to easily fit in...

However, now I am wiser and after a Dry January experiment I understood that I like drinking, but on my own terms. Maybe this is what millennials are doing? Maybe some are drinking beer 24/7 while others enjoy a classy bottle of wine - millennials are classy, we must keep our pristine social media image. So now I know what I like - a glass of prosecco on a chilly Friday evening, trying a cocktail once in a while (I love mixing cocktails at home - prosecco or champagne cocktails are my go-to), a huge beer on a casual night out with friends. I learned that I do enjoy drinking and drinking is fun indeed, but I enjoy a glass more rather than a bottle.

It sounds like I am so against that article, but I found it quite interesting and I do agree with great pieces of art being made under the influence, but I am absolutely sure it's not the lack of booze that makes this generation less innovative, creative or experimental... I think it's the fact that there are so many other distractions and that leaves less time for introspection, imagination and creativity.

// Andreea

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