Things I Want To Do in Bucharest

This weekend I am going on a trip to the capital with two awesome girls. We have an apartment in the Old Town (the centre of Bucharest) really near to the Cismigiu Gardens which I heard we have an amazing view of and I am super excited.

I am not the biggest fan of our capital - well, I would never want to have to live there, but a three day trip is always welcome because I have a list with things to do!

1. The National Museum of Contemporary Art
I've been here before and I like it - last time I went to Mircea Cantor's retrospective and I obviously loved it (it's the reason I went there!). Now I have no idea what exhibitions they have but I have to go.

2. Carturesti Carusel
It's the big Carturesti bookstore that is white and fancy and monumental and everyone talks about. Now I am not the biggest fan of Carturesti in general (because I prefer other kinds of bookstores), but I want to check it out.

3. Street Art Delivery
It seems that Street Art Delivery will be in town just when I am there so maybe I will pop over and see what's going on. Every year I really enjoy the pictures from this urban event and luckily I might be there to experience it this time.

4. The Belu Cemetery
Another place I've been before but must go again because I like cemeteries and I have yet to find Marin Sorescu and pay my respects.

5. The CFR Museum (this might not be the name of it)
In the big train station in the middle of the city there is this train museum. And I like trains. When I used to travel by train (for more than 9 hours, horrible) my biggest wish was to find it open and go inside - never happened unless I missed my 2nd train. Anyway, maybe this trip is the one I will visit it.

6. Grigore Antipa National Museum of Natural History
It has dinosaurs. That's pretty much the only reason I want to go there. But I like museums in general and natural history is always fun in my humble opinion.

7. Revolution Square
This square, if I am not mistaken, is near Victory Avenue which is quite close from our apartment so I will get there easily - it has nothing to do with the fact that there's an art museum nearby.

I am pretty touristy and I like that. I love museum and I hope to visit as many as possible (not it depends on the girls as well), but I am also looking for a good coffee (my best friend recommended one), a bit of shopping and finding the magic in this gray city I never liked because I want to give it a chance.

Ah, I cannot wait for this trip especially for seeing my best friend again and doing yoga every morning with my traveling companions.

// Andreea

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