Lately: New Albums, Old Procedurals

Well, I have about 10 minutes to write this thing because it's Saturday and I promised myself that I will clean the entire house - or at least a decent tidy up so I will have room to move around. I am not kidding. Life is a mess - on the house front, cooking and managing my time, but that's about it (if I ignore some other issues), what's important is safe and sound and that is what matter, right?

While I avoid organizing my closet and doing dishes, I want to share some of the things I enjoyed lately:

Humanz by Gorillaz | Melodrama by Lorde

I must admit I was excited for Humanz, the fifth album from Gorillaz. Granted, when I first listened to some songs before the album was realized it took a while for them to grow on me (about a listen and a half or two), but the album was a whole different experience. I embraced it immediately and although it is different from what we knew Gorillaz sounded like, it is not bad - wow, it seems I embrace change quite easily these days.

The second album that took me by surprise was released yesterday: Melodrama by Lorde. Google Play Music told me her album is out and I was like "sure, let's give it a listen" and it is so good it makes me wanna listen to her first album (I probably only knew a song or two of hers before Melodrama). I have yet to listen to all the album, but even from the first half of it you can tell how much thought and heart went into it. So far it is amazing.

iZombie | Drop Dead Diva

I do not really have time for TV lately, which is why I stick with shows that will not make me want to watch the next episode ASAP - ain't nobody got time for binge-watching lately.

iZombie is my go-to procedural crime drama because I have nothing else - plus I do not mind the supernatural part of it (because they know how to do it and it is loosely inspired by a comic book). Liv is not your typical zombie, she eats braaaaaains and gets visions of the brain owner's life so she helps the police find the murderer! The show also has side stories involving more zombies and other people from Liv's life, but those are nicely combined with the crime-of-the-day part of the show. So whenever I need some crime in my life - that does not sound good - iZombie is my go-to.

The other show I am enjoying for when I just need something quick to distract me is Drop Dead Diva. This is about a sweet model who died and returned in the body of an overweight lawyer. It is a legal procedural client-of-the-day show, while also dealing with a fashion model learning to embrace life in a different body size - yeah, it could easily fall into cliches and something it does, however it shines light on some lovely subjects and it is a funny show that reminds me a lot of Legally Blonde (although it is nowhere near that good).

Gotta admit, murder-of-the-day is something I enjoy more than I probably should and maybe next week I should look into something that has less supernatural to it and more blood - maybe Criminal Minds? Although I want to sleep at night without dreaming of serial killers...


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