Last time I was talking about that beautiful quote. Now I realized just how much time I have with the new job - even when I come home later because I stayed over at work, either to talk with my friends from my old position or to get the help of a coworker for something on my new position, I still get home around 6 pm and I am amazed that... there are still 4 hours until 10 pm (and I don't even go to bed at 10 pm!!) and I could do so many things...

It is nice, to finally be out of the not enough time for the things I love... I am learning and studying and working and yes, I cannot do everything in one day, but I am living more in the moment and I do what I feel like (and sometimes laundry, because you have to *getsupfromthelaptoptodolaundry*). Okay, laundry is doing itself and I am back to my blog post, mellow music and banana milk.

This Saturday is pretty pleasant so far (and it's only 10 am). Yesterday I went to my ophthalmologist to get new glasses (I lost my own). Going to doctor's appointments on my own and ordering glasses on my own makes me feel like an adult. And I am an adult, but not that adult that I had in mind as something that I would never be - and everyone is an adult in their own way, I just somehow managed to keep the kid in me alive but got over the teen angst. Wow, I am simply writing down the nonsense that floats around in my mind without a care in the world - is this a return to Never Knows Best?

Anyway, back to my eye doctor - she is the best eye doctor and she did a lot of tests because although the machine reads something, my eyes seem to prefer a stronger dioptre lense - I have lazy eyes, but she didn't want to give me that because they might help me with the distance, but those higher dioptres might damage my eyes. So we did lots of tests (I have a great cornea btw) but we decided to go ahead and make my glasses with the machine readings and it case it bothers me when driving or using my eyes for distance stuff - then I will return and make a pair of glasses for driving. Because I work in front of the PC a lot of hours/day so I  do not need distance glasses non-stop. I am also supposed to take a 5 min break for every 30 min spent in front of a screen and just stare in the distance to relax my eyes. She took such great care of my eyes and did so many tests and we discussed so much... This is just a love letter to my eye doctor. Oh, and I am getting new glasses and they are green (although I will miss my black hipster glasses).

Now back to Saturday... I slept so much - I went to bed quite early because my eyes were really tired and I woke up around 8:30 (so I slept 10 hours without feeling bad, that means I was super tired). I took a lovely shower and washed my hair - I still did not make time to go get a haircut (the day I actually went there they were closed), but maybe next week. I am that kind of adult who refuses to make a hair appointment because hair salons are so freakin' expensive in this town so I am using the hair salon around the neighbourhood with a lady that is not young or fancy and that simply cuts hair and asks you for little to no money (I refuse to pay a fortune to cut 10 cm of hair).

Morning showers are a thing for the weekend now because I like to get to work quite early (thus coming home quite early), but that makes them more special because I use my exfoliating shower gel from Yves Rocher. BTW, usually exfoliating gels and face stuff have those little bobs that are damaging for the environment because they do not dissolve in water so go for a product that does not use those shitty things, but uses seeds (they are biodegradable). Yup, I am an adult that cares about the environment and loves this planet - I have a paper bag in my kitchen full with plastic bottles, metal cans and more things to recycle (Sundays are usually the day I go to the recycling places - and I am still looking for a place to recycle oil in this city *wentawaytogoogleitandfoundtwo*).

Wow, I wrote a lot of things all over the place today. Time to stop. I am going to do yoga with Anca today (and a bunch of other humans). Back to my banana milk and reading Bjork's emails that Matt gave me.

Have a lovely weekend lovely humans!
// Andreea

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