On the Mind #3

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It has come to that point where I realize that the house is in such a state that it has to be the only thing on my mind. Plus, this week I start on my new position so I cannot put too much on myself.

Quickly talking about last week: I tried searching for the birth certificate with no luck, and did nothing else from the Miscellaneous section, however I donated almost all the clothes from the balcony (and it's time to sort the other clothes again) and we replaced the electrical things - all the light fixtures are working!

As for the tidying up... it is a work in progress. I started from the boxes with papers and stuff we had under the bookcase because I was also searching for the birth certificate - now those are organized really lovely in two smaller boxes (and cute) from Pepco - which makes the under-the-bookcase-area look more pleasant and also leaves access to the socket (I should remember to buy an...extension cord for it). So this week we are continuing the tidying up!

PROJECT "Make the House Pretty!"

1. The Small Table - I finally got everything that I wanted from Pepco for that area and it is time to organize it and make it pretty. I got the tray for the water filter and a cute vase for my flowers. I am thinking a jar of candy would also go well, but let's see first how the table looks for now. (Maybe I will have pictures with the under-the-bookcase and small table until next time.)

2. General Tidying Up - Especially of the room. There are boxes everywhere and clothes and bags and, now, camping stuff. I need to put things away, throw things, sort things and just get rid of all the boxes.

3. The Clothes Shebang - I got an iron table so every evening I plan to relax with a movie and to iron some clothes. But now I have a closet full of clothes that need ironing and a pile of neatly folded and ironed clothes. So I am trying to go through all my closet (and his) and sort them while folding them nicely. I will make a donate pile but also a bag of maybes and if by the end of the summer I will not need the clothes from the bag then it's buh-bye for them! With this opportunity I will try to put the winter clothes away - although my goal is to minimize the wardrobe in such manner that I will not need to store my clothes in boxes because it is the wrong season for them.

That's all, folks, and this house is the only thing on my mind for now. While organizing I will continue to look for the birth certificate and while I get used to my new job and schedule I will try to find ways to make time for errands like making those damn copies and meeting with the landlady, but no pressure!

PS: I did get that lovely book about hygge so that will have a big part on all the small changes I plan for this flat - for as long as we live here (hopefully not that long).

// Andreea

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