Yellow Thursday

Jackie (2016) by Pablo Larraín | Branch of Lemons by Claude Monet

I am home. It is snowing here which is a bit depressing because I did not expect snow... For the Easter Holiday I went to the mountains with my family and we had great sunny weather while it was raining in the rest of the country. Then I returned home and found snow. It is depressing. And sad. The trees are covered in snow and there's probably going to be a problem for the fruit. Climate change much?

Today is his birthday. I find myself constantly surprised by him and his love and my love for him. I did not think I was capable of loving someone this much or that this love is constantly growing. Life. Especially life with him is... so good that I cannot find the words to describe it. We made a snowman today. The weather can easily affect me, especially when it ruins my plans. However, there he is... ready with a plan, with a snowman, a great dinner idea and the best salad for lunch; he makes the best salads.

The turbulent weather and atmosphere does not reflect my life which is why it doesn't get to me. Life is good and May might be even better. Nothing is perfect and there are things I wish to improve, but it does not matter at the moment. There are turbulent parts in my life as well, but I am doing my best to ignore them and I chose to focus on different aspects.

May... May is a time of change. New job responsibilities, new schedule (normal schedule), new habits and routines. It is the month I will try to adapt my life around a normal job schedule and I am hopeful and positive that I will be closer to an equilibrium this way. There is a lot of learning to do, but I am so ready for it. Actually, I am impatient. I know it is not going to be easy, but I know it is exactly what I need. Life is not pink, of course, but it is getting there and for the past month I lived in a constant state of content which scares me, but I do not want it to ever end.

// Andreea

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