On the Mind: Easter Vacation

I said last week that I will not put too much on my plate but I ended up doing so... I should know better next time I have night shifts. In any case, this week I am going home to my family and then we are going to a cabin, so there's not much time for challenges. But until I get to that, let's see last week's conclusions.

On the Mind #1 Conclusion:

Starting with the "Make the House Pretty!" Project - I am close to what I want. Most of the house is tidy, the kitchen is awesome and although the pantry is not truly organized, the things are not cluttering the space. Also, I did laundry, changed the bed-sheets, removed some boxes from the room and did some tidying up. But there's room for more, of course. Anyhow, the main task (that of tidying up) was accomplished! But all the other house chores are... not.

I did not do anything from the Miscellaneous part of the week. Nothing to say about that.

Same with the Reading Plans, but I did finish the book I had to read for review (and really enjoyed it), but no other reading was done.

As for this week... I only have a bunch of MISCELLANEOUS THINGS to do (mixed with some READING PLANS):
  1. Create outfits for vacation and pack the bags!
  2. Start and finish a portraits (commission).
  3. Read one of the books for review.
  4. Start (and maybe finish) the other book for review.

The IMPORTANT THING this week is to stop wasting time on things I cannot control. Also, accept that some things are out of my control and learn to live by que sera, sera. I am allowed to feel, of course, and feel sad if something happens, but do not spend my time worrying. Feel sad the moment I know the thing is done and final, but until then focus on more productive things.

As for my VACATION PLANS, just spend time with family and my little cousins. Try to be calm, and enjoy this time to relax regardless of the conclusion and final answer that I will receive this week.

And this is it for this week!
// Andreea

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