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Hello. Lately I've been in a "chatty" mood on the blog so let's do a bit of a life update. April is almost over and so far it was one of my busiest months - I prepared for a new position at work and I studied quite a bit. In the end, it all paid off and I got the job. It is a change I've been craving for a while now because working three shifts is not something I want to do for a long time - and now, after one year with the company, I got a new position that has a normal schedule and other benefits (of course).

April is a lovely month - we celebrated our 8th anniversary and also went on an Easter vacation with my family and some family friends. We are closer than ever and life is just too damn pretty (I don't want to jinx it or whatever, but I am happy). As I said recently, not all the areas are pink and fluffy, but I am trying to be content with what I have and work on what I want.

After the madness of this month, the family vacation was just what I needed. I missed my family and it was great to just relax and enjoy some silence in the nature - and play with Marcel, the donkey, and just spend more time with my hubby away from our computers or phones. I hope this will become a tradition - to just get away from the city and technology from time to time.

// Andreea

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