Friday Reads || 21st April

I am behind on my reviews and I do apologize for that, but work and the Easter vacation were in the way - not using them as an excuse because I had enough time to read these books. But I am getting there and this weekend these are the only books I will open!!

The books I get the most for review are romance books because on my day to day life I do not usually go for romance. Hence why I am always glad to go for romance books, especially short stories or novellas from the Timeless Collections. That I way I am absolutely sure there is at least one story that I will enjoy - or most of the Regency novellas because that is my guilty pleasure.

Valentine's Day Collection features six short stories set around Valentine's Day. I already read five of them and I enjoyed four of them. I am around half the final story and it is not bad. I admit I did not have big expectations for this collection mainly because Valentine's Day is not something I care about.

As for A Season in London, I am super excited because I really enjoy cheesy regency romance novellas, especially if they are set in London! It is my guilty pleasure, sorry, not sorry. I cannot wait to get to this book and I might actually finish it today if the stories are entertaining (and most from Timeless Regency Collection are).

So these are my read for Friday. I am not sure what I will read during the weekend - I am working so I should find some audio-books or just reread American Gods by Neil Gaiman because the TV show is so close!!

Happy reading,
// Andreea

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