Floating in the Void

I am going through a thing. I might be back on the Spring asthenia thing, but whatever it is, I know I do not enjoy it. At all. It does feel like my motivation is gone and I do not know what to do or how to convince myself to move.

I need to get out. I need to get over this phase and return to normalcy or something that feels less exhausting and consuming. So, of course, I am blogging; it makes me feel better to have someplace to just spoke my mind and to know I am not bothering any human with this. I think all this started last month.

March was a slow and rather uneventful month. I put my shop on vacation because I do not have time (or motivation or mood or creativity or courage), I did not read as much (and I am behind on reviews and have a pile of books I want to read), I did not go to the gym as much... I don't really know what I did - although I did do some things, they just don't seem to matter; at least we fixed the bathroom drain and I can know enjoy showers whenever I want (or when there's hot water).

Friday Reads and Fitness Chronicles were working for my mood and for keeping me on track with what I wanted to do. Which means it might be time to return to that - as well as monthly or weekly challenges. Because that's what it works to me. Having a list, sharing it online and then writing a post bragging about all the things I crossed off that list.

The next blog post is going to be a list.

// Andreea

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