Good Morning, Really

It's my day off! Granted, I am not pleased with my March work schedule - I work three days, one day off, five days (night shifts!!), JUST one day off, two work days again and the month is over -, but anyway, I will go ahead and enjoy my day off!

So here I am, typing away on my new laptop ♥ as a way of procrastinating... because although it is my day off, there are so many things to do! My shop is on a break because life is a bit too overwhelming at the moment and I was only getting depressed by not working on my shop. Since the shop is no longer my main source of funds, I put it on break while I get everything else sorted.

These couple of days I plan to clean the house and organize it a little bit. Also, I and my partner decided that we will make a conscious effort to keep the house tidy for as many months we are going to be still leaving here (I cannot wait to move, but we gotta save some dinero for that first). Yet life is still busy. I am doing some online courses that I really care about and that are beneficial for my job - so there's another thing on my list. And I do have a couple of books to review until the end of the month - plus the Shakespeare plays that I am way too behind on.

The thing is that lately, even if I am behind on something or really busy, I do not get as stressed as I used to do before. I know that now I have the motivation to actually do it (writing this blog post is kinda fighting my argument) and do it in time. And I also do not panic or get sad if I am behind on something that does not really have a deadline and I only doing for pleasure (like reading Shakespeare in one year).

We are near the end of this post. It feels great to write from my lovely new laptop. Also on my desk, we have my cup of black tea (with yucky ACC medicine in it because I have a cold), my small bullet journal and my to do list notebook - with a page waiting to be filled with all the things that I plan to work on today!

Have a lovely day!
// Andreea

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