Busy Bee

Today I read a few more things that are altering some of my ideas - see what happens if you subscribe to everything and then you do not have what to do at work?

One of them is how... in order to be happy or content or something like that you have to learn not to care. And I do not mean to be a heartless person, but just to feel less guilty and do more of what you like. To see if something is worth caring or thinking too much about just ask the question "how is this going to affect me or matter in 5 years from now?" - and that way you discover what's truly important, so clearly me not doing laundry today is not going to affect me in 5 years.

And the other one is... to not be busy. I make huge to do lists and try to keep myself busy and do everything in one day (if possible) just so I would feel like I did something today. But no more! I will continue to plan things (that's who I am), but not be like "today I must REALLY do laundry or clean the stove". Sure, some things need to be done (like my laundry), but being busy is not the answer. And today I was productive without a to do list and without having every minute of my day planned. I guess the idea is do what you need to do, but do what you feel like doing.

I just resonate with the idea of trying not to be busy. 

To have free space in my day for whatever! 

Who knows what I will read tomorrow. Oh, I also found this nice quote:
If a small thing has the power to make you angry, does that not indicate something about your size? (Sydney Harris)
Oh, and this one - which is about business in some way:
These mountains that you are carrying, you were only supposed to climb. (Najwa Zebian)

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