Week in Review || 9 - 18 February

I know this month I stopped talking about media that I enjoyed during the week, but I mostly watched the films from Academy Awards (and I will probably make a blog just about that) and The Blacklist, so not much to talk about.

Valentine's Day Doughnut | Napoca Dog Show
Cotton Candy Selfie | Bandana Day Charity Event
Last week I enjoyed one of the Valentine's Day doughnuts from Donuterie. They had three special doughnuts, but this one was my favourite (although I only tried two of the three).

The weekend was spent at Napoca Dog Show where I met a lot of lovely dog owners - and even lovelier dogs, of course. I played with a lot of them and took so many pictures. I also saw a lot of different breeds and made me want to have a dog of each, although we all know that I will probably adopt a dog because so many dogs are abandoned. The exhibition also had some food stands outside so I enjoyed a delicious cappuccino and cotton candy!

On Tuesday we had a charity event at work, raising money for kids with cancer, we bought and wore bandanas and took lots of selfies. Gotta admit the day at work is funnier with a colorful bandana in your hair - especially if you can make it look like hamster ears.

Cinema Selfie | Snowdrops
Frozen Lake | Running Sushi Date
Then on Wednesday I went to the cinema to see 50 Shades Darker with some colleagues from work. It was a terrible movie, with no plot whatsoever - but we had a lot of fun.

Hubby surprised me with snowdrops - some of my favourite flowers as they are so small and cute and meaningful! Spring must be just around the corner, hopefully. Having them on my desk improved my mood and brightened my day!

And on Saturday we had one of our weekend dates - we went for a walk, watched ducks skating on the frozen lake, and, of course, we had sushi from the running sushi place. It was delicious and it was the first time we stayed there a full hour just because they started making teriyaki when we were getting ready to leave!

Not many pictures from the previous week, I know, but all I did was go to the gym and watch the films for Academy Awards. I hope you had a great week and I wish you an even better one!

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