Friday Reads || 17th February

It seems that this month, reading is taking a step down priority wise because I am trying to watch as many films nominated for Academy Awards as I can (as I do every year, anyway). Well, at least I have some time at work for reading! So here's what's on my list this weekend:

This Friday is my day off, but I have plans to tidy up around and watch at least three films for Academy Awards (if you care to know, Moonlight is my favourite in this Awards race so far). So not a lot of reading happening today - maybe I will listen to an audio-book while I clean the house.

Same as last weekend, I will have morning shifts both Saturday and Sunday so lots of audio-books to listen to! I plan to finish I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou - which I love so far, the writing is extraordinary and the story is heart-breaking (at least the part I'm at right now). After I finish it, I will most probably start Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult (I know the title says End of Watch in the picture - my app was a bit drunk at the time).

I will not plan anything else as my only goal for this weekend is to finish Angelou's book.

Happy reading!

Edit later: Change of plans! A coworker has a health problem and she cannot make it on the night shift so I was called in for night shifts during this weekend. Instead of audio-books, I will most probably spend my time with Shakespeare.

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