Week in Review || 8 - 15 January

When I wrote last week's review post, I was worried that all my weeks in review would be super long, but the truth is this past week I did not do much. The weekend was a lot of fun, but since I had night shifts, most of my week was pretty chill.

City at Night | Snow Desert
Portrait with Evergreens | Morning View from the Cabin
I don't even have that many pictures... so what was I up during last week? Well, I got some new books, and while I did not start any of them, I finished two books last week (Dune and The Taming of the Shrew). 

I went to the gym only once - which is okay, I was tired and busy. My goal is to go at least once a week when possible (that means when I'm in town and not sick) so I am feeling bad about it, but just a tiny bit. 

On the social life par... I helped a friend with an interview about couples living together and how chores and finances and all that jazz is shared and organized. Does this even count as socializing? 

Anyway, later that week I went to the running sushi place with a lot of people which was not a good idea, because the running sushi place does not take reservations and it is not made for big group gatherings (especially not on Friday evenings). Afterwards, we went out for drinks and barely found a place - Fridays, right? But after we did, I got myself a Gin Tonic and had a nice evening with friends.

Speaking of drinks, Dry January is going well and it's becoming more part of my lifestyle rather than just January. So this week I had my Gin Tonic (so good!), a beer with the friends who took the interview and then a couple of glasses of wine, a beer and some amazing tuica (it's the first one I ever liked) during the trip with my coworkers.

And now it's time to talk about the "work" trip! A coworker invited us to a cabin for his 28th birthday for a night and it was amazing! Everything was surrounded by trees and snow and I had so much fun with my coworkers! It was my first time going to the sauna. Also, I had such a great time with the girls I shared the room and with everyone else at the party. I danced so so much and even did some zumba because someone from work has a second job as a zumba instructor! And even the road-trip to the cabin and back was awesome. And the best part... to wake up to the view in the last picture. It just makes me so happy. 

So although the week wasn't as eventful, the weekend trip made up for it. It's good to relax a bit more from time to time and then to return to your day to day life with some renewed energy! And I am ready for a new week - full of work on my Etsy shop and night shifts, (and the three-days weekend)!

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