Friday Reads || 7th January

It's Saturday and I almost forgot about Friday Reads! Fortunately I watched booksandpieces's Friday Reads just a second ago and I remembered that I did not write my post! Better late than never, right? (Let's ignore that I completely missed last Friday, but it was the New Years weekend so no actual reading done.)

This Friday was my day-off from work, however it was a full day of gym, running errands and freezing. But I did manage to finish The Two Gentlemen of Verona by William Shakespeare (short "review" here) and I really enjoyed it. And that's about all the reading done this Friday. This weekend there is not much Shakespeare, because the reading-plan is made in such nature that you can go and have fun during the weekend without worrying about reading your Shakespeare - so just some Sonnets and some Venus and Adonis.

The rest of my plan for the weekend includes reading most of The Remains of the Day by Kazuo Ishiguro. I am 10 pages in so far - so basically no reading done at all, but I am already getting a feeling of book, or more of our narrator who is a butler who is getting ready for a road-trip (I guess you could call it that or just a trip, not sure exactly - I'm only 10 pages in) while the master of the house is not home. I am buckled in for an emotional ride and I wish to finish it soon and then watch the film adaptation.

And this is about it! Other plans for my weekend include a concert with two bands I never listened to and a lot of dishes... What are you doing and what are you reading?

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