Friday Reads || 13th January

In spite of my recent book haul, this weekend my reading plans are all digitalLet's get digital, digital, I want to get digital, right?

This past week was a great reading week... although I did not finish The Remains of the Day (my progress with it is great so far), but I did finish Dune by Frank Herbert (review will come soon after I will find a way to put my chaotic thoughts in order - but I really enjoyed it) and The Taming of the Shrew by William Shakespeare (review coming soon as well - I just finished both books at work last night) - you know what this means? I am ahead on the 2017 Shakespeare Reading Plan because The Taming of the Shrew was supposed to be finished next Monday! Did I mention that I already read the Sonnets and lines from Venus and Adonis that were planned for this weekend? But that's because it is going to be a busy busy weekend.

Jumping unto this weekend's plans... My life plans include going out to the Running Sushi with some friends today and some drinks in a pub after - hence not a lot of reading time left, plus I also need to upload some coloring pages on my Etsy shop. Tomorrow I am going to Belis (here are some Google images, only add some - read that as "a lot" - snow) for a co-worker's birthday. We leave in the morning and spend the night there and I will have to be social - but I might find a couple of chances to read a page or two on my phone (I am bringing The Remains of the Day with me also, although we all know I will not have time to read - I find it hard to leave somewhere without at least one physical book). On Sunday I will probably sleep, getting ready for my next five Night Shifts.

In other words: I will spend the most of my weekend reading on my phone! I will focus on The Archived by Victoria Schwab because seems like an easy and fun read for the weekend and I also plan to get a good start on Henry VI, Part 1 - better read more while I'm ahead, right? And that's about it.  I also hope to read at least a story of two from Kissing the Witch by Emma Donoghue - also digital, but it's in my Google Play Books because it had the best deal (it's so annoying that I have three separate places for my e-books - and one is on another device, cause it's Kindle for Samsung).

That being said - it's not going to be a great weekend for reading, but it's Friday the 13th (how awesome is that the first 13th of the year is on a Friday?) and social plans are also important. Plus it was a great reading week, so a chill weekend full of people is just going to prepare me for an even better reading week (and I will hopefully finish The Remains of the Day).

Happy reading and have a great weekend!

Edit later: Reviews are here!

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